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Is Your Business Growth Stuck?

From Stuck to Moving Forward

Feng Shui is measurable. What follows is an example by Judy Lussie with the last half of her testimonial.

I always try to use its concepts. One example is when I took over the position of Department Head of Technical Information at the Lawrence Livermore Lab in California. I inherited an office building with cubicles constructed at 45° angles. I had the offices revamped according to Feng Shui practice by straightening out the cubicles to 90° angles and I made sure corners did not have sharp angles (knife blades) pointing at my employees, etc. 

The result was productivity improved by 30% and at the end of the year every one of my writers’ and artists’ submissions won awards from technical societies.

Judy Lussie
Lake Biwa Wishes
Second Time Around

People unfamiliar with successes in using Feng Shui practices, don’t realize the results are measurable.

Since my Fast Track Feng Shui method can be done in minutes a day, skeptics can try it and experience the changes. 

If you are wondering about the validity of Feng Shui techniques, now is the time to explore how a stuck business can grow when Feng Shui techniques are applied.

My 3 week online Feng Shui program with videos not longer than 10 minutes and actions taken in five minutes can move businesses forward. It’s a special price of $197 for a limited time only. This class will be for no more than 15 people, so you get individualized attention.

Group Q & A calls will be once a week and the first 5 people who sign up will get a 30 minute one-on-one call with me during the program. 

To JOIN, go to: https://julainajulaina1.app.heroicnow.com/

Energize Your Dreams to Reality

Are you happy with your financial deposits at the bank? Do you smile when you see your profit balances increase at a regular rate?

What is your vision for what your financial gains will enable you to do?

Are you confident that creative ideas will occur to you for expanding your business with fewer hours of work?

When I created the Fast Track Feng Shui online course, I thought about those questions in regards to the clients I’ve worked with in the past and how I feel about my business.

I like the last question because it’s fun to imagine my lifestyle changes. Presently, I have freedom to create what I will accomplish every day. I don’t have a 9 to 5 job working for someone else. My favorite activity is to read and write fiction. I plan my work weeks to include several hours for enjoying a good novel and to continue to write stories that win awards and are published in several collections.

My next goal as my income increases is to be a philanthropist especially to help struggling writers and artists. I see my art gallery where people can visit without admission fees. I’d have areas where children can draw and paint at no charge. And I’d make regular donations to animal rescue places around the world.

What is your dream? What are your immediate goals and your vision beyond what you think you can accomplish? Law of Attraction suggests playing that scenario several times a day in your mind, seeing it, feeling what it’s like, hearing what sounds would be around, and visualizing it so that you almost touch it. Then use the simple steps in Fast Track Feng Shui to help it become a reality,

With Fast Track Feng Shui, the first module is to connect with your passion so you can be open to new opportunities that match your vision. In the other modules, you’ll know how to magnetize abundance, leverage your creativity, and have time to be an influencer in your community and beyond.

In the three weeks of the program you will learn how to shift energy with the simple, fast, and fun Feng Shui techniques so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.  The system involves actions that take only 5 to 10 minutes a day. There is no need to read the complex Feng Shui books filled with history and different theories. Plus the course includes live group Q & A calls once a week and a bonus of a one-on-one call with me.  

Join us in February, an auspicious month, to begin your new lifestyle.

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Julaina Kleist-Corwin

What’s on Your Reading List for this First Month in 2019?

Now that the holidays are over and you can find time to read, what’s on your list for January?

Or, are you going to tackle clutter? Throwing out or giving away what you don’t need any more opens space for better energy around you and new opportunities.